Make your network work.

Sort your network

Sign in with LinkedIn and sort your LinkedIn connections by dragging the face to a quadrant

Inspired - these are people you would gladly do a favor for

Dormant - likely great people but not actively part of your life

Don’t Know - those people you…don’t know

Want to Know - Not your inner circle but you would like to get better connected

Hint: Tap on the face to reveal more information about the person Hit “Finish Later” to come back to sorting later

View your network

Now you can see your network categorized. Drag and Drop any people you mis-categorised.

Hint: The top right button allows you to go back and sort more people on the fly. In the coffee line, waiting for the toast to cook, you know - all your “spare-time"

Add a mission

Missions tell other people in your inspired network what you need help with. Add a short title and then a further descriptor, as much or as little as you want to share. Only your Inspired Network sees this. Only people on Broadli see this. COME BACK to this screen - this is where you will see the amazing connections your inspired network has made for you.

Accept a recommendation

Click My Missions. See the Faces that have been recommended to you. Tap the Face, see more information about the person, then tap the TICK mark to accept the recommendation. A connection will be made via email.

Hint: Come back to this screen once a day to see the new recommendations made for you.

Help others and build your impact score

The more you help others, the higher your impact score. A high impact score means your mission gets more visibility. My Impact shows the help requests from other people in your network. Scroll through your network to get visual clues of people that might be helpful for a specific mission. Or type known people in Search to quickly find them. Review your choices by hitting REVIEW and then send to your contact and make their day!

Hint: The back arrow allows you to quit this screen and go back to My Impact. You build you impact score through many interactions in the app but get the most for helping others with their missions